Hakim Sanaullah Specialist Hospital & Cancer Centre, provides a wide range of services ranging from primary care prevention to tertiary level care in multiple specialities.



HSSH & CC is equipped with a quality theatre backed by imaging and laboratory diagnostic facilities. Leading specialists conduct regular antenatal clinics and elective ceasarian sections and supervise normal deliveries at the hospital. Reducing Child and Maternal mortality were identified as Millenium Development Goals by the United Nations at its Millenium Summit. Following this, reducing maternal and infant mortality became primary goals in health policies worldwide. Though no official figures are available for J&K, it is widely recognized that the situation is dismal. The peripheries have been worst hit as the only central maternity hospital, LD Hospital is overburdened beyond capacity. Recognizing the importance of providing quality maternity and child health care, HSSH and CC is working towards massive improvement in its infrastructure and services. To see how you can help click here.

General Surgery

Several general surgeons form part of the HSSH & CC team and play a major role in the HSSH & CC effort to bring quality health care to the region. Surgeons conduct clinics throughout the week and undertake elective procedures.


HSSH & CC is committed to providing quality care to the population. Currently we have an international reputed specialists in medical oncology, pulmonology, and intensive care in our team. Medical Oncology services are provided under the Hakim Sanaullah Cancer Centre. There is plenty of scope for expansion and HSSH & CC is currently in negotiation with like-minded leading specialists from across the valley to contribute to the effort.The setting up of an intensive care unit is amongst the institutions priorities. Click here to see how you can help.


Cataract and glaucoma are amongst the leading causes of blindness in the region-both can be treated early, both are generally ignored. As a result of ignorance and the inaccessibility of quality health care, the general population often report late, when little can be done. It is essential that this population be reached early and the population be educated about the signs of potentially controllable health problems. With an internationally reputed ophthalmologist as part of its team, HSSH & CC is committed to this effort. In addition to clinics and surgeries, the hospital regularly conducts free camps to identify cases and population at risk. Much more needs to be done. The institution is looking towards the setting up of a full fledged ophthalmology theatre with a Phacoemulsion unit. Click here to see how you can help.


Rheumatic Heart Disease continues to be a major problem in the region and one of the major factors is untreated Streptococcal Sore Throat. Ignorance, poor hygiene, poverty all contribute to this and to several other diseases. HSSH & CC has an ENT specialist as part of its team.


Radiology is the backbone of any institution. Currently, HSSH & CC is equipped with 300Ma X-Ray and Mobile X-RAY plant, and Ultrasound with a leading radiologist as part of its team. Lack of radiology services continues to be a problem for the population and is one of the major reasons why patients are forced to urban areas for treatment, something they tend to avoid, resulting in delayed diagnosis and its accompanying complications. HSSH & CC has a huge void to fill in, not only to cater to the needs of the population but also to back up its demanding specialities and super specialities.
The institution is currently working on the expansion of this service, with the procurement of a CT scan plant as one of its priorities. Click here to see how you can help.

Laboratory Services

Currently, HSSH & CC has a semi-automated laboratory, carrying out hematological and biochemistry investigations. Upgradation is a priority- a pathology service is especially needed.

Physiothearpy &Stroke Rehabilitation

The first of its kind in the valley, HSSH & CC's Physiotherapy and Stroke Rehabilitation Department is equipped with state of the art equipment including SWD, Laser, TENS, etc. Coupled with this is a dedicated team of physiotherapists.

Endoscopy Service (Recently Added)