World Cancer Day Observed at Hakim Sanaullah Specialist Hospital

on 4th February, 2016 at HSSHCC sopore



World Cancer Day was observed by Hakim Sanauallah Specialist Hospital & Cancer Centre on Feb 4th, 2016. Students and staff of the hospital and the Paramedical Institute visited the major educational institutions of the region inluding - Higher Sec Schools at  Sopore, Hadipora, Dengiwacha and Bomai. They interacted with the students and discussed how cancer can be controlled. We believe such events are essential for at least two reasons- firstly, as educational events they help create awareness amongst the most critical elements of society i.e. students and teachers. Secondly, by involving staff and students in spreading the word, we are helping engage young people in the fight against cancer, an approach we hope our students will carry wherever they go.