Management of Cancer in Countries with Limited Resources, First Regional Symposium in collaboration with RGCI, SKIMS and GMC Srinagar.

on May 2006 at SKICC Srinagar

There exist tremendous disparities between the advances in management of cancer in developed countries and the application of these advances in countries with limited resources. This problem is compounded by the fact that within the next few decades, 60-70% of cancer will occur in developing countries which will have less than 5% of the resources to tackle it. Lack of radiotherapy machines and trained staff are amongst the leading problems. Also important are the fact that the new drugs are priced at rates which are often beyond the reach of most cancer patients in the region. Thus, region specific protocols, sensitive to these issues need to be developed in a systematic manner and increased awareness amongst the masses and medical fraternity alike needs to be created to control cancer effectively.
As part of this effort, HSSH &CC in collaboration with RGCI, New Delhi, SKIMS Soura and GMC Srinagar, conducted the first symposium on the Management of Cancer in Countries with Limited Resources, at SKICC Srinagar.
Attended by leaders in oncology from across the country, the conference was a landmark in cancer care in the region. It introduced the problem of managing cancer with limited resources- the scale of the problem and the potential solutions.
With the participation of leaders in oncology from across India, unique problems were discussed and opinions shared. It was unanimously agreed that the problem was a major issue in the control of cancer in the sub continent and much more needed to be done to address it. This would include not only a modification in the cancer therapy but a shift in attitude to allow 'best practice with limited resources.