Anti smoking & other activities

Apart from treatment facilities, Hakim Sanaullah Cancer Centre is actively involved in the prevention of cancer. This effort involves education of the masses by conducting health camps and seminars, distributing posters, etc. The Centre has launched an ambitious state-wide campaign- Tobacco Free Kashmir to help counter the tobacco menace.
Some of the activities we are involved are:

Preventive Activities:

Health Camps

The staff of HSSH & CC regularly conducts camps to improve the health care and cancer awareness among the people. This opportunity is also utilized to distribute iron and folic acid among pregnant ladies, educate about cancer, hazards of smoking and other important preventive medical activities. More than 10 such camps were conducted in 8 different rural areas only in the past year including Ladora, DangiWacha, Achabal, Doabgah, Mazbugh and Watargaam. Those needing referral for diagnostic or therapeutic facilities were referred to HSSH&CC or other hospitals as required. Education about healthy living was added in the last camp by our physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre. This was very much appreciated by the general public. A need for such camps obviously will increase.

Educating the Masses

In this connection a meeting was held at Degree College Baramulla where hundreds of students interacted with the visiting team from the Qudsiyya Trust & HSSH&CC. Primarily the meeting aimed at spreading awareness about the dangers of smoking and tobacco use and their role in causing cancer. On the 7th of November, 2006 in connection with the Cancer Awareness Day, another symposium was conducted in Govt. Degree College, Sopore to spread awareness about Cancer.

Cancer Awareness Day Programme at Goverment Degree College, Sopore, November 5th, 2006.

General Public
Pamphlets regarding warning signs of cancer and dangers of smoking were distributed across the region. Sites like bus stops and open market places were chosen. The staff from the Trust and HSSH & CC met and answered the queries of the public at each location.

Tobacco Free Kashmir

On November 5th, 2007, as part of its Cancer Awareness Day programme, Hakim Sanaullah Cancer Centre, launched its Tobacco Free Kashmir campaign. The campaign began with an interschool debate on how to bring the dream of a a 'tobacco free Kashmir' to reality. The seminar invited the views of students from colleges and schools across kashmir and was also attended by several members of the medical fraternity and intelligentsia.
The campaign aims at creating awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco use amongst the population, in the hope of bringing a positive change the behaviour and attitudes of the population. Further, the campaign would involve putting pressure on legislators to ban smoking in public areas and making it harder for people to acquire tobacco and its associated products. Such means could include greater taxation and model 'tobacco free' villages or residential areas. As part of the campaign to create to awareness about smoking/tobacco use and their hazards, extensive smoking/tobacco related health education is provided during Hakim Sanaullah Cancer Centre's health camps.
The campaign also aims at developing an understanding of what people think about smoking, tobacco and their hazards- so as to tailor public educational activities accordingly.

Professional Educational Activities:

National/International Conferences

Hakim Sanaullah Cancer Centre conducts the - 'Management of Cancer in countries with Limited Resources' symposia annually. This event brings in cancer experts from across the region and from abroad to discuss and deliberate the various issues confronting the management of cancer in countries with limited resources and the various approaches to solving these problems. The conference also aims to bring experts together from all over the world to form a think tank and pressure group to influence pharmaceutical and other companies to help bring down the cost of cancer care in such countries. These symposia are conducted at Srinagar.
The First regional Symposium was conducted at SKICC, Srinagar in association with major institutions of the region and brought in faculty from across India.
The Second regional symposium was conducted at GMC Srinagar, again in association with major institutions.

Regional Conferences

Hakim Sanaullah Cancer Centre recently conducted the first ever Rural Cancer Conference at Dak Bungalow, Sopore. The conference titled 'Cancer Awareness Conference & First Practitioners Meet' brought in medical fraternity from across North Kashmir and also guest faculty from outside J&K. It focussed on the local issues faced by doctors in managing cancer and its related complications. The conference, the first of its kind in the region, was a General-Physician oriented symposium aimed at updating the practitioners about recent advances and also creating a dialogue amongst authorities and physicians to help solve some of the logistical problems that crop up so often in cancer management in the region. In particular, one such development was the agreement by the authorities to provide morphine to district hospitals for cancer palliation. The Centre aims at conducting such conferences on a regular basis, Allah Willing.

Theraputic services

These include Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Cancer Palliation, Diagnostic/Imaging facilities and more.